is a company which provides marketing services based mainly on tools available on the web such as performance and content marketing. We guarantee a comprehensive service for companies, associations, foundations and innovative projects.

Our team consists of experienced and creative people who like their work and are able to skillfully apply their knowledge in promotional activities for our clients.

In our company you will get help from graphic designers, IT specialists and copywriters. They create and operate a completely new product brand. A skillful selection of content describing the advantages of a given product or service and convergent graphics will make the information reach the target audience faster.

Logo design

We will design for you a logo that will stand out from other brands.

Original websites

We can move away from the current standards and create an extraordinary website that will attract attention and make you stand out in the digital world.

Writing materials

We offer you the creation and publication of articles in trade periodicals, thematic websites, as well as managing a company blog.

Social media services

We provide specialist activities in the area of creating profiles in social media along with their management. We will ensure the preparation of content, graphics, short advertisement splicing etc.

Advertising materials

We will prepare for you ecological and functional materials (e.g. wooden USB sticks, notebooks made of BIO paper, etc.)

Advertising campaigns (ATL)

We ensure the creation and reporting of campaigns in Google Ads and FB Ads.

Building market position

We will set the objectives, choose the right communication language - all in order to set you apart from your competitors.

A non-individual approach to the customer is impossible in our operations.

Market analysis

We prepare reports and surveys on the basis of the materials which you provide or give us.

Organisation of events and webinars

We ensure the best way to communicate, which in these difficult times extends the reach and plays an informative role substituting for conferences, presentations and training

Creation of reports and presentations

We will create intelligent presentations and interesting reports for you


We will present analytical data, charts or tables in your areas of interest in a clear and readable way